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Thank You! You have recently completed your "How Free am I?" Assessment. Here are the results:

You are someone looking for more out of life. You have built walls around you due to a difficult life, disappoints, or past pain. These walls and means of self-defense have kept you from living a life fully free with the personality, talents, and giftings that God created and gave to you. 

We recommend you take our Free 5 Day Jumpstart to Freedom Course to help you determine your next steps.

Also, if you haven't already, please download our gift to you, the bonus e-book "Top 10 Transforming Treasures Living in Freedom," a companion guide to the assessment. In order to become free, you must know what holds you down and what you need to be free from. Knowing the benefits of the freedom that awaits you will spur you on your path to lasting freedom. May it help you in your journey to healing and wholeness.

You can break free from what is holding you back. Whether it is past trauma, hurts, and losses or you merely want to change a few things in you life,  we will be here to cheer you along your Road to Freedom so that you can live the life you are seeking!


With Freedom, Life, and Joy,

Marian Poeppelmeyer

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