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Are YOU Ready to 
Live Beyond Past
Wounds and Trauma? 

Resources to Help You Overcome and Live Victoriously! 

Inside this
FREE Ebook, you will:

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  • Discover Ten Top Transforming Treasures  (Benefits) when Living in Freedom from the Past

  • Be Challenged to Dig for These Treasures

  • Know How to Get These Gems

  • Leave with a Roadmap for Your Treasure Hunt


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Live Beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma! 

Learn Five Little Strategies
to Live a Happy & Victorious Life and
Be an Overcomer 

Our Past Affects Who We Are and How We Live

 As much as we try to put our past behind us, our past will follow us until we face the wounds in our soul and become healed and freed in our heart.

We're living in a Traumatized Nation

Constant trauma, loss, and grief since 9/11 has bombarded our culture and invaded our peace and safety. 

The media runs rampant with:

  • Cities burned/crime waves

  • Shooting, killings, mass murders

  • Drug Overdoses and deaths

  • Natural disasters

  • Threat of WWW3 

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Even if you don't watch the news, you know its happening and you can't escape its effect on you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Its taking a toll on all of us subconsciously and we don't even know it. 

In our day-to-day lives, we face

  • Loss of loved ones

  • Unemployment & Loss of Businesses

  • Escalating gas and food prices

  • Destructive addictive behaviors

  • Rising family tensions 

We're continually getting hit with life and we unknowlingly embrace ourselves for the next crisis or the next "ball" to drop. Instead of peace and security, fear, anger, frustration, and anxiety creep in and weaken our ability to cope. 

But there is one type of trauma we haven't discussed yet:
our personal trauma. 

Past abuse, addictive behaviors, emotional wounds, fatherlessness, and other violations against us

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  • Stymie our success in life​

  • Beat us down emotionally​

  • Impede our ability to cope

  • Steal our peace and joy​

while living in this chaotic world.

Collectively, all these levels of trauma produce collateral damage in our souls.

Until personal trauma is fixed,
coping with the outside onslaught of tragedy & trauma becomes difficult. 
We move from drama to drama,

instead of from glory to glory -
the way God intended.

The way God made you becomes
muddled and hidden.
Your TRUE SELF can't emerge.

Good News!   

Go on a "treasure hunt" &
Uncover these gems! 

What new life is waiting for you?
What true self will emerge?

Look inside this free e-book

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Hello Friends, 

Out of the dredges of my own tragedy and trauma, as a faith-based author, speaker, and coach, I help individuals

  • ​Overcome trauma, loss, addictions, and past wounds 

  • Gain lasting freedom 

  • Find their purpose & destiny  

  • Live with joy & peace

Connecting them to the source of healing, they flourish in their homes, relationships, and work.

The Father's Pathway Leads to Wholeness

While I climbed out of my own quagmire, I found myself on "The Father's Pathway" which led to my ultimate freedom.  

Passionate to help others, I introduced the "Father's Pathway" to many and saw that they, too, experienced the same freedom that I did. Like me, most did not know what they really needed or wanted, they just knew something had to change!

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I searched for change, found the change, and never looked back.

You can have a new life, too. 
Would you join me in the journey of a lifetime? 

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In 5 Lessons,
Jumpstart Your Emotional Freedom & Gain a Roadmap
for a New Beginning! 

 Why Am I Passionate to See Others Healed?


Excerpted from Finding My Father, page 17

Photo to the right: Marion Pierce Hobgood with Marty on their wedding day, August 25, 1951.

"'Maybe he will turn, see me, and wave back,' she hoped. 'Oh dear, it looks like he has to keep in step with the other passengers. I'll just keep waiting.'

Once the plane door closed, it was a matter of minutes before it taxied down the runway. Marty could not tear herself away and kept waving while the plane climbed into the sky. She said to herself,


'My, I must be a sight! It's November. It's cold, and here I am six-and-a-half months pregnant, standing outside and waving!'


With her short and petite frame, she ballooned early with both babies, and her feet and back continually ached. Despite this inconvenience, she stood and waited until the plane was in the air and out of sight.


She waved the whole time, throwing kisses to the love of her life, while a lingering, foreboding cloud swirled about her." 


Marion and Marty Photo.jpg

Jumpstart Your Healing
with 5 Little Strategies that will
Speed Your Road to Freedom and Success in Life

My trauma began before I was born...

Day of November 1, 1955 - One Last Good-bye

[Airplane Flight #629 leaves Philadelphia, PA]

[Flight #629 stops in Denver, CO to pick up passengers heading to Seattle, WA and
takes off at 6:52 pm MT]

"Abruptly, communication stopped. Flight #629 exploded approximately 7:03 pm MT, eleven minutes after take-off.


The air traffic controllers saw two white lights falling at approximately the same speed. Radio calls were made to all aircraft within the Denver Airport air responsibility and all except Flight #629 responded. A gigantic ball of fire appeared in the atmosphere. Later, witnesses reported seeing it as far as twenty miles away.

Back in Philadelphia, the time was 9:03 pm, and Marty had already crawled into bed without listening to any news." 

Excerpted from Finding My Father, page 30

Photo Courtesy of: Postcard - United Airlines DC-6. Enell, Inc,: www, 

Airplane in Flight.jpg

11 pm The Night the World Changed

[In Hatfield, PA Marty went to bed before 9pm EST].

"Marty’s head hit the pillow, and her long-awaited sleep arrived. Promptly at 11 PM that evening, she abruptly woke up.


Startled, she heard pebbles thrown at her bedroom window at the back of the house...


Below her in the moonlight, three men were shouting and waving their arms. One of their best friends, her OBGYN, and their pastor were urgently trying to get her attention…


All Marty could hear was ‘No survivors…everyone died…'


Her body trembled from head to toe with shock and horror…Grief, fear, and panic screeched uncontrollably.


Within hours from the time she waved Hobby good-bye, their world changed forever.”


Excerpts from Finding My Father, pages 24-26

Photo courtesy of Life Magazine, November 28, 1955

Life Magazine 1955.jpg

42 Years Later

Growing up fatherless and not knowing my father, I had no idea how much this one evil act, the absence my dad, and collateral damage of the trauma had carried
into my adult life and marriage. 

Until one day, God...took me on a path that led to FREEDOM.

The rest of the story is found in my book
Finding My Father - Beyond Tragedy, Through Trauma, and Into Freedom

The Night of November 1, 1955


Courses and Coaching Programs












Choose a path where you will

Encounter Ultimate Freedom


After you've been healed & set free, how do you then walk in it?



Enjoy a Lifestyle of Freedom

The Dwellers 

- a Novel - 

Stay Tuned

You have freedom, life, then


Experience Joy in a Chaotic World

Stay Tuned




Double Feature




Marian Blue dress Tree Book Portrait 1-1

The night of November 1, 1955 -- the downing of Flight #629 -- altered my world forever. In my relentless pursuit to know my real dad, I discovered my real father and the need to understand forgiveness in a way I never asked for. I was set on a journey I didn't plan for. 

But, You O God, do see trouble and grief;

You consider it to take it in hand.

The victim commits himself to you;

You are the helper of the fatherless. -- Psalm 10:14

In our search for meaning, purpose, and destiny, we are often unaware of the journey ahead. While seeking for truth, we can find ourselves trapped in a web of past hurts and traumas. Unless we become free, we are bound to stay in ruts, or worse, entangled by roots of bitterness and anger. Everyone around us suffers, including ourselves.

Apart from God's intervention, we cannot possibly live as God intended. Once we experience lasting freedom, we become anchored in the Father's love, free from shame and guilt forever. Peace graces our countenance and Joy abounds. May you, too, as you read the pages, be touched, healed, and realize you can live 

  • Beyond tragedy and hardships,

  • Through trauma and past wounds, and

  • Into freedom, life, and joy!

Our nation and world has been traumatized at an unprecedented rate. We must deal with trauma, beginning with ourselves so we can face these uncertain times with strength.

- Marian


I have prayed for and counseled with many people over the years, and Marian’s Finding My Father illuminates aspects of the healing process I had never seen.


I have never before considered what it’s like to be the one processing through spiritual and emotional healing until now.

This book is a gift to the fatherless, the broken-hearted, counselors, and the church and must get into the hands of many.


—David J. Martin, MDiv, former Director and Academic Dean Christian Outreach School of Ministries; Pastoral Prayer-Counselor with Cleansing Stream Ministry

This book is about fathers and fatherhood. In searching for her biological father, Marian discovers her real dad as her journey of faith leads her onto a treacherous road of self-discovery with many surprises she did not expect.


I was compelled to read every page as Marian describes with painstaking detail the story of her restoration that leads the reader into the very presence of God inspirational and life-giving book for everyone. 

----Tetsuo Peter Yoshida, MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary

I find this book to be an excellent resource for counselors and for those who have faced trauma, grief, and loss in their lives.


As a Trauma Counselor, Marian's story was of particular interest to me. Her life began with trauma, which she bore silently for many years until the day her emotions erupted. Like a caterpillar in its cocoon, God began wrapping her in His love, revealing truth to her, and transforming her through His amazing plan.


Written with such rare transparency, you will admire her hunger for wholeness and willingness to be real and honest about herself.  You will be swept along her journey of healing.

--Millie McCarty, M.A., LPCC, Founder and Director Emeritus, LIghthouse Christian Counseling Services; Founder and CEO, International Institute for Trauma Recovery, Trainer and Clinical Consultant; Author o Pathways to Hope and Healing--Why We Can't 'Just Get Over It, Identity Disorders and Trauma Recovery Workbook


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David Martin

Peter Yoshida65148478_10156429322050544_

Tetsuo Peter Yoshida

Millie McCarty Cropped 2019 20190406_171

Millie McCarty

Jumpstart Your Healing
with 5 Little Strategies that will
Speed Your Road to Freedom and Success in Life

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In 5 Lessons,
Jumpstart Your Emotional Freedom & Gain a Roadmap
for a New Beginning! 



Happily married for over 40 years and a pastor's wife, she has two grown children with their spouses and one grandchild. She enjoys a cup of coffee with friends.


Called "The Resilient Couple," Marian and her husband have weathered the storms of life with a tenacious faith. They have been betrayed, homeless, bankrupt, and near divorce. Yet their faith sustained them and strengthened their marriage and love for each other. They have witnessed miracle after miracle of God's faithfulness in their lives and children.


Having been freed from much brokenness, Marian trained as a pastoral-peer counselor because she wanted others to triumph over their past wounds as she. She was assigned difficult cases. Marian later became a biblically-based Trauma and Grief Recovery Coach and group facilitator, a chaplain, and is becoming a Mental Health Coach. Her passion is helping others become free as she was set free through the power, grace, and compassion of God.


Her life reflects the Freedom, Life, and Joy that God intends for everyone. Her joyful countenance is contagious to all she meets and you won't be disappointed.


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SPECIAL REPORT - 6:30 pm - July 22, 2022
Rick Sallinger, George Foster Peabody Award, former war correspondent
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Interview - July 22, 2022 
ABC7 Denver's Jeff Anastasio
Documentary TBA


Greeley Tribune, Greeley Colorado - July 22, 2022 -
Editor: Jerry Martin
Reporter: Morgan McKenzie
(Placed on front page!)

Longmont Times-Call - Longmont, Colorado - July 22, 2022 -
Editor: John Van Kamp
Reporter: Morgan McKenzie
(placed on front page!)

Johnstown Breeze, Johnstown, Colorado - July 28, 2022
Johnstown, Colorado
Editor: Matt Lubrich

Also invited as
Guest Speaker on Various Podcasts and Talk Radio

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