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Complete the assessment and download your FREE COPY of

Top Ten Transforming Treasures of Living in Freedom Ebook

Living in Freedom Assessment
How Free Are You?
Please check all that apply. You will receive an email with your results. This is for your use only. The ebook, our gift to you, gives further insight to assist you on your journey to lasting freedom and healing.
What statement best describes your experience with relationships?
Have you experienced any events that have held you back in life?
When stressed, how do you cope?
What are some ruts you see yourself in?
When I am with other people:
How well do you sleep?
Which have you ever said to yourself at one time or currently?
How well do you trust others?
In your family, which role did you play while growing up as a child?
What have you done to overcome past trauma, wounds, and pain?
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