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Live Beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma! 

Learn Six Little Strategies
to Live a Happy & Victorious Life and
Be an Overcomer on Your Road to Freedom

Our Past Affects Who We Are and How We Live

 As much as we try to put our past behind us, our past will follow us until we face the wounds in our soul and become healed and freed in our heart.

Do You Ever Have Days Like This?

Distressed girl.jpg

There must be more!

I can't take it any longer!


I want off!

Do You Ever Ask Yourself These Questions?

Why can't I be happy all the time?

Why do I feel trapped and stuck?

Why does it seem I go around and around the same mountain, repeating the same thing in life?

What causes me to always struggle with my boss or co-workers?

Why aren't all my relationships all that I had hoped for? 

If you have asked yourself these questions or others,
then all may not be not well within your soul.
It may be time to take care of yourself.


USA map 3 fires.jpg

Our nation is being traumatized on a constant basis with cities burning, mass shootings, runaway crime, and moral decay.


We face things that are not in our control:  inflation, higher food and gas prices, natural disasters, higher taxes, unemployment. 

-girl forlorn on windowsill-lonelienss-grief-Canva - null (2).jpg

Our personal trauma: past abuse (verbal to sexual), betrayals,  addictions, grief & loss, divorce, abandonment, unfulfilled dreams & disappointments. 

Depression and anxiety take over.


When we think about it, we're treading in water, hoping
we won't sink.


With everything against us, unless we deal with our own personal trauma, we cannot possibly and effectively survive these uncertain times and be that influence in today's society that we were meant to be.



Turn the Tide

Learn these 5 little unknown strategies for a lifetime of freedom. 

Change your way of thinking and get a fresh outlook to how you can become an overcomer and live victoriously. 

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STOP letting your past
control your future!

Beloved, I pray above all things that you may prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers.   III John 2

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