About the Author...
Marian Poeppelmeyer is a Freedom Igniter

Through her writing, speaking, and coaching, she helps individuals walk in lasting freedom to set fire to their passion, discover their purpose to pursue their destiny, and become Road to Freedom Igniters to give to others what they’ve received.


Marian had not always lived a life in absolute freedom. Trapped in past wounds from the loss of her father before birth the night of November 1, 1955 on US Airlines Flight #629, Marian struggled to find her distinct voice and identity, despite what others would call a successful life. As a young woman, she suffered from depression, diverse fears and insecurities, and walked with a deep void in her heart. After forty years, she began a search to know her real father, discovered who her real dad is, and learned forgiveness in a way she never expected. Today, Marian, a transformed woman, invests her time helping others overcome the obstacles keeping them stuck in their careers, relationships, and personal growth.


Her greatest joy is seeing others become free from what has been tethering them down. Once she became free, she pursued ongoing training with certification in ministry, leadership, pastoral peer counseling, trauma recovery and mental health coaching to bring others to the level of lasting freedom she received. Throughout her years, she has served the brokenhearted on the streets, shelters, and end-of-life passages (hospice).  She lives and breathes principles learned in her daily encounters with others. 

 "Once people become unleashed from their past wounds, connected to their source of life and fulfillment, nothing can stop them from walking in their calling, purpose, and God-given destiny. They will begin to see shifts in attitudes in the workplace, home, and relationships.” -- Marian




Marian Poeppelmeyer and her husband reside in Columbus, Ohio. She considers herself a "mom in tennis shoes" and always enjoys a cup of coffee with friends. Two children, their spouses, and grandchild enrich their lives and keep them grounded.


“This intricately woven path...is guaranteed to touch every reader on many levels.

— Stacey Greene, Author, Life Coach, and Speaker, Letters to the Dead Men and Stronger than Broken


“I find this book to be an excellent additional resource for counselors and for those who have faced trauma, grief, and loss in their lives.

— Millie McCarty, M.A., LPCC, CEO and Founder, International Institute for Trauma Recovery


“Marian describes her painstaking detail the story of her restoration that leads the reader

into the very presence of God...

— Tetsuo Peter Yoshida, MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary; Professional Performer in film, TV, and theatre


“Marian Poeppelmeyer brilliantly discusses the impact of tragedies, trauma, and fatherlessness. Because of events occurring since 9/11, her story is pertinent and timeless.

— Lonnell E. Johnson, PhD, retired Professor of English, Otterbein University, Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Embracing Your Life Sentence: How to Turn Life's Greatest Tragedies into Your Greatest Triumphs


“It is inspiring, heart-opening, and compelling. As you follow her insightful journey, your own life can be revealed for your healing.

— Lillian Zarzar, MA, CSP, Adjunct Faculty Communications Studies, Ohio University, Author, Interpersonal Coach, and Speaker


“Marian has an amazing story of redemption and healing! It is a great testimony to the power of forgiveness and that it’s never too late...

— John Finch, Author, Producer, Director of the documentary film, The Father Effect, Founder of the Perfect Father Ministries, Inc.