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Her life began with trauma when her father was killed on the first ever plane bombing in the USA. Not even born yet, she grew up fatherless.

Some 42 years later, she never knew how much the absence of a father and the collateral damage of the trauma had carried into her adult life and marriage.  Until one day, God took her on a path that led to ultimate healing and freedom. 

Anyone who picks up this book may just find themselves on their own journey of self-discovery.

Marian Poeppelmeyer and her husband reside in Columbus, Ohio. She considers herself a "mom in tennis shoes" and always enjoys a cup of coffee with friends. Two children, their spouses, and grandchild enrich their lives and keep them grounded.

Impact of Finding My Father's Message

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I have prayed for and counseled with many people over the years, and Marian’s Finding My Father illuminates aspects of the healing process I had never seen.

This book is a gift to the fatherless, the broken-hearted, counselors, and the church and must get into the hands of many.


—David J. Martin, MDiv, former Director and Academic Dean Christian Outreach School of Ministries; Pastoral Prayer-Counselor with Cleansing Stream Ministry

David Martin

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This book is about fathers and fatherhood. In searching for her biological father, Marian discovers her real dad as her journey of faith leads her onto a treacherous road of self-discovery with many surprises she did not expect.


I was compelled to read every page... an inspirational and life-giving book for everyone.  Every reader will be led into the very presence and heart of God.

----Tetsuo Peter Yoshida, MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary; Professional Performer in film, TV, and theatre

Tetsuo Peter Yoshida

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Millie McCarty

I find this book to be an excellent resource for counselors and for those who have faced trauma, grief, and loss in their lives.


As a Trauma Counselor, Marian's story was of particular interest to me. Her life began with trauma, which she bore silently for many years until the day her emotions erupted. 


Written with such rare transparency, you will admire her hunger for wholeness and willingness to be real and honest about herself.  You will be swept along her journey of healing.

--Millie McCarty, M.A., LPCC, Founder and Director Emeritus, LIghthouse Christian Counseling Services; Founder and CEO, International Institute for Trauma Recovery, Trainer and Clinical Consultant; Author of Pathways to Hope and Healing--Why We Can't 'Just Get Over It, Trauma Recovery Workbook

“This intricately woven guaranteed to touch every reader on many levels.

— Stacey Greene, Author, Life Coach, and Speaker, Letters to the Dead Men and Stronger than Broken


“Marian Poeppelmeyer brilliantly discusses the impact of tragedies, trauma, and fatherlessness.

Because of events occurring since 9/11, her story is pertinent and timeless.

— Lonnell E. Johnson, PhD, retired Professor of English, Otterbein University, Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Embracing Your Life Sentence: How to Turn Life's Greatest Tragedies into Your Greatest Triumphs


“It is inspiring, heart-opening, and compelling.

As you follow her insightful journey, your own life can be revealed for your healing.

— Lillian Zarzar, MA, CSP, Adjunct Faculty Communications Studies, Ohio University, Author, Interpersonal Coach, and Speaker


“Marian has an amazing story of redemption and healing!

It is a great testimony to the power of forgiveness and that it’s never too late...

— John Finch, Author, Producer, Director of the documentary film, The Father Effect, Founder of the Perfect Father Ministries, Inc.

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