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Jumpstart Your 
Road to Freedom!

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Five Little Strategies to Uncover
Your True Self
Propelling You Towards the Life You Want

Know that You Can:

  • Be Healed and Live Free

  • Be Healed More Effectively - Once and for For All

  • Learn strategies that haven't been widely thought about

  • Leave with a Roadmap to a Brand New Way of Life

Confused by Where to Begin?

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Take Charge of Your Life

Today, there are so many therapies, techniques, types of counselors and coaches available that did not exist years ago. The process of knowing who to go to can be overwhelming.

Its like shooting an arrow in the
dark and hope that it lands
in the bullseye. 

While having so many choices is good, the process of choosing who and what is best for you can be intimidating.  In this course, we will examine options.


This 5 day Jumpstart Course is designed to help you further your discovery of your true self and live up to your potential the way God intended for you -
no drifting in life with depression, anxiety, past wounds and trauma. 

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Afterall, you should be the one in the driver's seat over your life.  

In 5 days, you will explore: 

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1) What living free from the past looks like
2) What you want your "new You" to be
3) Choose a route best for you
4) Learn what we pack, unpack, and bring back
5) Finish with a roadmap to faster healing

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