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The Road to Freedom Course

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12 Lessons will

  • A Biblical, Safe Approach to Emotional Healing

  • Self-Paced & Self-Study

Put You on the Road that Leads to Freedom

  • Personal Coaching Available (see below)

Set free from past wounds, abuse, addictions, abandonment

Healed more effectively with lasting freedom

Live as God intended with peace, joy, and a prosperous life

What is Your Past Costing You?




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Emotional -- Depression to Anger to Bitterness?   

Relational -- Work to Break-ups to Family to Divorce?   

Financial -- Jobs to Careers to Subsistent Living?   

Why put up with these losses?

Why stay stuck and spin your wheels? 

I was once stuck in life, verbally abused and abandoned, a fatherless daughter wandering throughout life.  My addictions were self-pity, anxiety, and fear. At the end of my ropes - with stress in the marriage and all dreams shattered, I discovered the Father's Pathway which placed me on a Road to Freedom.

If I did not accept the invitation to step onto a path that led to ultimate change, I would probably have been stuck in depression, anger, and bitterness. The collateral damage of the trauma in my life would never have been healed. My marriage would have ended in divorce. 

Because I said, "Yes" to the invitation to step into an unknown world to unravel deep pain stored within my soul, I became free once and for all and emerged a new woman - ready to face the world and be who I truly am as God intended for me. 

In response to the freedom I found, I became passionate to help others become free and healed as I was. I developed a 12 week course called the Road to Freedom, incorporating the Father's Pathway into the healing process.

You are now invited
onto a path of
Healing from Trauma
to a Life of Freedom
to fulfill your God-given destiny!

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Step onto Your  


A course with optional coaching for
those who are desperate and want real change.